Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) Balance Enquiry Check by SMS & Missed Call Number

The Laxmi Vilas Bank was founded in the year 1926 and it is a private sector bank. The bank’s objective was to fulfill the financial needs of the people by providing schemes and loans. The headquarters of this bank is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The bank has a network of 500 branches and 980 ATMs. The bank keeps introducing new services to its customers.

One of the recent service provided to the customers of Laxmi Vilas Bank is the SMS service and the missed call service would be provided soon to check the balance on the account.

SMS services

The bank has introduced an excellent service for checking the balance from your bank account. The SMS service is highly convenient and useful for the customers. You can send LVB BAL<customers ID> to 09282441155. After some time, you will receive a message with the remaining balance in your account.

How to avail the SMS service?

You can use this service only after you will register your mobile number with the bank account. If you haven’t registered your bank account with the mobile number, then you won’t be able to use this service. It is important to register the mobile number because without its registration it would be unsafe for you. A person who knows the customer ID of you could check the balance in your account but with the registration process, this can’t happen. You can go to the bank branch for registering your mobile number to the bank account.

What are the benefits of this service?

  • 24×7 facility

This facility is beneficial for the customers because it is available for all the time. You can use this facility anytime. It is not possible to go the ATM anytime you want to check the balance on your account but you can definitely use the SMS service for checking the balance in your account.

  • Can check balance from anywhere

You will not need to go to the bank branch to check the remaining balance in your account. Neither will you need to go to the bank branch nor will you need to go to the ATM. This would save your time while traveling. You will have to spend just a single minute for checking the balance in your account.

  • Easy and simple process

This process is simple and easy because everyone has a mobile phone in these days. It won’t require much hard work to check the balance via SMS.

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