Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

With a lot of best services provided by the Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank, the customers are getting huge benefits after opening their savings account in this bank. The decision of opening the savings account in this bank will help you in savings money for your future needs.

The savings account restricts all the transactions related to the commercial and business field.

Who can open the savings account?

The savings account can be opened by any individual and if more than one person wants to open the account, then they can choose to have their joint account. The people belonging to the clubs, trusts, institutions, government bodies etc. can easily open their account in this bank. The customers will also get the checkbook.

What are the minimum balance limit and non-maintenance charges?

The bank is providing 4% of interest annually to the customers. There is a certain limit of minimum balance which is decided by the bank and the non-maintenance charges for the semi-urban people and rural people are Rs.200 and Rs.100 per quarter respectively. The customers can visit the official website of this to know more about the charges and benefits of opening the savings account.

After opening the savings account, the customers will feel that they are able to save the money which can be used in future for some important work. Make sure that you don’t make any transactions related to your business from the savings account because it is totally prohibited by the bank.

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