Maharashtra Gramin Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

The customers of the Maharashtra Gramin bank can have their savings account individually or jointly. The people who are of less than eighteen years can choose to have their joint account along with their guardian.

For opening the savings account in this bank, the customers will need to get the form for opening the savings account from the bank. After getting the form, the customers can choose to add the necessary details in the form.

The minimum balance in the account

The customers who have opened their savings account in this bank needs to maintain a minimum balance in the account otherwise the bank would charge the non-maintenance fees. The customers who have opened the account without any checkbook facility will need to have the minimum balance of Rs.100.

The customers who have taken checkbook while opening the savings account will need to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 500 in their account. The customers can visit the following website for more details

Non-maintenance charges

The customers who won’t maintain the minimum balance in the account will need to pay the non-maintenance charge to the bank. The charges for non-maintenance of the account for all the account holders are Rs.40 per month. Therefore, it is necessary for the customers to maintain an amount of minimum balance decided by the bank.

The savings account is necessary for all the bank customers because it can help them in getting an interest rate of 3.5%. In the future, the customers will be able to get the best services from the bank along with the net banking and mobile banking services.

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