NCMC Card Registration 2019 – How to Apply Online

With time, it has become really easy to commute from one place to another. There is metro service in most of the cities and it works seamlessly. The service enables people to travel without having to spend hundreds of rupees. In addition to this, there is feeder bus connectivity at most of the metro stations in the country. If you would have traveled in the metro then you would have seen the superb ticketing system. You have a pre-paid card which can be used as a ticket and there is no need to stand in line to purchase a ticket every time.

NCMC Card Scheme (Yojna) Details 2019

National Common Mobility Card is expected to be issued by the bank and they will be issued in form of Credit Card, Debit Card or Prepaid Card. The service is integrated with these cards and you can use these cards across the country for payments. Everyone has wished that the card would work with a common integration and in a recent move, the Delhi Government did make it possible. The Metro card can be used with the metro rail in Delhi and it can also be used in buses in Delhi but wait, do not confuse it with NCMC. In this article, we have listed all the details available with us regarding the NCMC Card.

NCMC stands for National Common Mobility Card and it was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March 2019. The card was launched with the inauguration of Ahmedabad Metro. The name of the service is quite explanatory and as per the information available until now, NCMC is a common card which can be used to travel across the country. It is being said that it is the first time when such a card has been launched in the country at a national level. There had been an exception to this and we have already talked about it in the section above. The problem with the card offered by Delhi Government is that it works only with Metros and Buses but NCMC is different.

National Common Mobility Card makes it easy for people to travel and it also improves the efficiency of the system as people would not have to stand in line to get the ticket. There is also a benefit for the government as the operation cost will reduce because there would be a reduction in ticketing staff.

What Are the Benefits of NCMC Card?

It is certainly a question that a lot of people would like to ask and you must also know that what it is about NCMC that makes it so unique. So, to begin with, NCMC card is integrated with Swachalit Kiraya which is basically nothing but an Automatic Fare Collection System. So, the NCMC is integrated with Automatic Fare Collection System but there is one more component of this ecosystem. This component is referred to as Swachalit Gate which means automated gates.

Now, there is a keyword used for these systems. These keywords are SWEEKAR and SWAGAT. The literally translates in Hindi as Accept and Welcome. This means that the card is integrated with the system in such a way that the fare will be collected automatically and the self-operated gates will open up automatically to welcome the passenger. Another factor that makes NCMC really different is that it stores the value easily and hence you do not have to worry about having the internet connectivity at Point of Sales. This is right, you can use the card even in offline mode and the system is quite amazing.

How & Where to use NCMC Card? Can I use NCMC Card for Shopping?

NCMC can be used at various sites. The list of these sites are listed below

  • NCMC card can be used to travel in metro across the country today, there are many cities that have the metro facility available.
  • NCMC card can also be used to travel in sub-urban railways and even buses. Most of the buses are now equipped with the machine to accept the NCMC Card.
  • In addition to the points mentioned above, the NCMC Card can also be used to pay for the railway tickets and toll while you are traveling on the highway.
  • Another place where you can easily use the NCMC card is at parking. So, you can make the payment of the parking fee of your car or bike with help of NCMC.

Another thing that you might be worried about is losing the benefits of Monthly Pass or Seasonal Tickets but you must be glad to know that the government has ensured that there is a support of such government apps and features in NCMC. This means that you can even purchase monthly passes using NCMC and the card itself remains to be your Monthly Pass. So, basically, if you have a card in Delhi metro then you get a discount of 10% on your journey and this benefit will still continue even if you use NCMC card for traveling across Delhi or Country.

Yes, the card can be used for shopping and withdrawing cash depending on the support offered by your bank. These are some of the standard features of the card. The card eliminates the need for carrying change while traveling.

How to Apply for NCMC Card? What is the Registration Process?

The NCMC has been announced recently and the details about the registration are not yet available. We are expecting that the guidelines will soon be available. Also, as per the architecture of the system and the interface, it looks like the banks will be the issuing authority for the cards. There is also a certain probability that the government institutes like metro rail operations may be able to issue the pre-paid version of these cards. We will have to wait for the clear instructions and we are expecting that all this information will be soon made available for the users so that it transforms the way people travel.

Is there any Fee Associated with the Card?

It is highly unlikely that there would be any fee associated with the card but we can’t really commit or confirm anything at the moment. We will have to wait until the government publishes the detailed notification for the users along with other mandatory details.

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