Odisha Gramya Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

As a consumer of Odisha gramya Bank, you will find the facilities of personal banking including current account, savings account, loan schemes and ATM cards. In this regional rural bank, you can apply for savings bank account but you will require information related to the minimum balance limit and service charges with savings bank account. With savings bank account, you will also find cheque facility in this regional rural bank. With a savings account, you will be able to deposit money into your account from any of its branches.

If you want to know about the limit of minimum balance in a savings account in Odisha gramya bank, here is the complete information for it:

Minimum balance for savings account

  • Saving (With Cheque Facility):Rs 500 ( Rural Branches), Rs 1000 ( Other Branches)
  • Saving (Without Cheque Facility):Rs 200 ( Rural Branches), Rs the500 ( Other Branches)

Minimum balance for current account

  • Rs 1000 ( Rural Branches), Rs 2000 ( Other Branches)

When you are searching for additional information regarding the regular savings account and deposit in this Rural Bank, you can visit the website link http://www.odishabank.in/SavingsAccount.aspx for it. To get information about the service charges when you are unable to maintain a minimum account balance in this Bank, you can contact the customer care service providers.

You can contact the customer care number 0674 -2353031 / 2353032 for all such information as the account holder in this Bank. You can also visit the bank branch to get information on minimum balance charges.

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