How To Open/Close HDFC Bank Account Online

Hdfc bank also known as the Housing Development Financial Bank is a bank involved in the financial services and has got 83,000 employees. It is an Indian bank, which has got its presence at Hong Kong, Dubai and Bahrain. Considered as one of the largest banks in the private sector and is the lender of assets, it is one of the largest banks considering the capitalization markets.

Incorporated in the 1994, HDFC bank had its first branch at the Mumbai, Worli and the branch was inaugurated by then Union Finance Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh. The products and the services offered by the HDFC bank is huge and it has got products such as retail loans, treasury loans, two- wheeler loans, personal loans etc.  Coming with an altogether different project, known as the “AI” project, the bank has planned to deploy robots as a part of its products and services for the consumers, who can get to know about their products and services in a proper way.

The bank has got some major acquisition in its hand and merged with times bank. This was their first merger and was considered as the major merger and acquisition for this bank. Then the bank merged with another bank that is the Centurion and this was a big deal for the HDFC bank and it helped them to gain momentum in the financial market.

HDFC Bank Account 

HDFC bank has got some of the major bank account for the consumers. Coming with diversified range of products, the bank gives out major reward points and cash backs in the market. The account can be opened with ease and convenience by clicking on apply online option present o the bank’s website

The application has got the convenience of opening the account along with various other benefits such as mobile banking, sms banking etc. This convenience makes it an ideal bank to open the account.

How To Open/Close HDFC Bank Account Online

In order to open an account online, there are certain steps that are to be followed by the consumer on the website for the online application of the bank account opening. The following procedure to open a HDFC bank account online are as followed:

=> Browse through the website of the bank and select apply online option.

=> A new page will open and there will be options present for the existing consumer and continue using the mobile number.

=> Choose the option and fill in the form. Submit it and the representative from the bank will collect the documents from your house. You will get the account kit instantly after that.

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