Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

The Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC), established in Lahore, has passed through a lot of rough phases. The biggest loss that the bank had to face, was at the time of Partition. Set in Lahore in the year 1934, the bank went through a download and had to close all its branches set there in the newly formed Pakistan.

The bank shifted its main branch from Lahore to Amritsar.

Being a loyal bank to the customers, the bank paid off every penny to all the customers, who had to part ways with the bank due to the phase of partition.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Mobile Banking Application 

With the changing trends, the bank had to follow the path of technology. Thus, the mobile banking application came into existence.

The mobile banking application was fairly convenient for the consumer to use and was secure enough. In order to register for their mobile banking application, the consumer has to visit their official website www.obcindia.co.in.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

Through ATM’S

  • The consumers can visit their nearest bank ATM and select the option of mobile net banking. The registered mobile number is to be entered by the consumers twice and once this is successful, the consumer needs to enter their pin number.
  • Once all the credentials are verified using the bank ATM, the consumer is registered for the mobile banking services and he shall receive the SMS for M-pin shortly.
  • Further, the consumer can register for the mobile banking application by downloading the form present on their website obcindia.co.in and submit it to their nearest branch. Shortly, the consumer shall receive the SMS for the M-pin.

Through the App Store 

  • The consumers can also download the application from the app store or play store. Click on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fss.mobilepay.obc&hl=en
  • The registered mobile number is to be entered by the consumer and an OTP shall be received through SMS. Further, the consumer shall receive the application form and have to fill in the credentials for the application. Once the credentials are verified, the M-pin shall be available to the consumer by way of SMS.
  • Change the M-pin according to your convenience by entering the available credentials.
  • In order to keep the account secure online, the consumer shall keep on changing the pin from time to time, as advised by the bank.

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