Pallavan Grama Bank Balance Enquiry Check by SMS & Missed Call Number

As a bank account holder, you never want to face inconvenience while checking your bank balance. You may need to check your bank balance anytime and it is never a good option to visit the nearest ATM branch or Bank branch to get information on your account balance. In such cases, most of the banks are providing advanced facilities to the account holders. Whether it is internet banking, mobile banking or mobile application services, the users will be able to check the account balance in few seconds.

If you are not using internet banking facilities, you will get the option to check balance with missed call or SMS services in Pallavan Grama Bank. In this Bank, you will get options to use your registered mobile number to use both of these services. Here is the complete process for balance enquiry with missed call and SMS services in Pallavan Grama Bank.

Balance enquiry with SMS service

Now you do not need an activated internet connection for balance enquiry in Pallavan Grama Bank. You just need to use text message services on your mobile for this information. You can use the text message keyword BAL<Account number> and send it to the number 0427 2402903 904 to get information about account balance. They will text you back with complete details of your account balance in few seconds.

Missed call service for balance enquiry

The easiest and simplest way to check account balance is by using missed call service on this account. You just need to dial toll-free number 0427 2402903 904 from your registered mobile number and the call will be disconnected automatically after 2 rings. In few seconds, you will get text message having the details of your account balance status.

By using both of these facilities provided by Pallavan Grama Bank, every account holder can instantly get complete information on the enquiry of account balance. When you are looking to use these facilities by the bank, you just need to register your mobile number to your bank account. Whether you can register your mobile number while requesting for a new account or you can register later for your existing account. The account holders can visit the nearest branch of Pallavan Grama Bank to register the mobile number. It is the best way to get information on balance enquiry in few seconds. These services can be used anywhere in the country by account holders.

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