Puduvai Bharathiar Grama Bank is one of the Regional Rural Bank (RRB) which is in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. It is sponsored by Indian Bank and the headquarters is located in Pondicherry.  Puduvai Bharathiar Grama Bank has 40 branches and the largest network of client base about to 1.5 lakhs. Gone are the days where the customers need to go to the bank with passbook in their hands and wait in the long queues. ATMs were replaced with the bank queues with the balance enquiry. Then there also the queue system developed which made the banks to come up with the more innovative idea for the customer satisfaction. Then they have started to use the benefits of SMS, missed call, mobile and internet banking. These made the work for the banks easy and customers can get service at any point in time.

SMS service for the balance enquiry

Customers need to send SMS to the prescribed number mentioned by the branch. The only thing that needs to be taken care is to register the mobile number with the bank. The customer needs to text BAL<account number> and sent the message to 9289592895. The customer will get the balance in the inbox via the SMS. Also, this service is very fast and the cost for the SMS is zero which makes the customers go to use this service.

Missed call service for balance enquiry

The customer need to register their mobile number with the bank first. After the successful registration of the mobile number customers can avail this service. All that the customers’ needs to do is to give a missed call to the following number 9289592895. Then the customer will get the last five transactions to the customer phone through SMS. As the customer need to just give a missed call this service is the most used as they don’t need any physical work that needs to be done by the customer.

Customer needs to add the mobile number that is used by them the most to avail these services. All there is the introduction of internet banking where the customer can do all the banking from the place where the customer is living and can avail all the benefits that are used by the real branch bank. Therefore, there is a lot of scope for the future of banking with the introduction of new services that make the customer satisfied and more loyal to the bank.

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