United Bank of India (UTBI) Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

In order to save money in the account, you need to open your saving account if you want to get interest on the money which is present in your account. Saving Account can be easily opened for one person or for two or more persons. The United Bank is providing the facility of the joint account which can be operated jointly with the survivor clause. A minor’s account can also be opened in this bank but it needs to be operated by natural guardian.

The minors who are of age 13 can choose to operate their savings account on their own. An illiterate person also has a choice to open the account but it is necessary that the literate person should be the survivor of the joint account. Blind people can also open the savings account. The people who belong to the government departments have no right to open the savings account in this bank. The customers will have to pay the service charges when the minimum balance is not maintained.

Minimum Balance Limit

  • If anyone wants to get the cheque book along with the opening of account, then he/she will need to have Rs.500 in his/her account.
  • If anyone doesn’t want any chequebook, then the minimum balance in the account should be Rs. 50 for the Rural branch.
  • If the person of M/U/SU branch wants to open the savings account, then there must be Rs.100 in his/her account.

The bank has provided the option of zero minimum balance limit for the:

  1. Visually handicapped
  2. Senior citizens
  3. Pensioners
  4. Women living on herself or a guardian of a minor
  5. Agricultural and industrial laborers
  6. Low income families

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