Utkal Grameen Bank Balance Enquiry Check by SMS & Missed Call Number

The Utkal Grameen Bank was founded in the year 2012 on November 1st. This is a regional rural bank of which headquarters are located in Bolangir, India. The bank is sponsored by the State bank of India, the government of India and government of Odisha. The bank is operating in the seventeen districts of the state. In the very first year, the bank earned a profit of Rs. 9.01 Crores. This bank provides various investment banking, mortgage loans and finance and insurance policies to the customers.

The bank is striving towards providing internet banking and SMS alerts facility to its customers.

Utkal Grameen Bank

Internet banking facilities

The bank has provided the internet banking facilities to its customers. For availing this service, the bank asks for the submission of a registration form from the customers. After the customer submits the registration form by filling it with correct details, the bank starts the net banking service for that particular customer. The internet banking service is very useful for the bank customers as it can be used to have a complete check on the transactions of the bank account.

SMS alerts

The bank has also introduced the SMS alerts service for its customers. Although, the bank has not introduced the missed call service for the customers the SMS alerts service complete the work of these services. Whenever the customers would make any transaction, he/she would be able to know about the remaining balance in the account. This service can be availed by going to the branch of the bank and filling the form. After filling the registration form, you will need to submit it to the bank branch and wait for three or four days to start this service. This service would prevent you from wasting your time because you won’t have to go to the ATM branch to check the available balance in the account.

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