Vijaya Bank Cheque Book Request – How to apply online/offline?

Vijaya Bank is a PAN institution of Government of India. The bank offers its services through 2031 branches, and 13 extension centres and 2001 ATM centres across the country to serve different sectors in the country.

Vijaya bank offers various services to its consumers like ATMs, cash deposit machines, mobile banking, tab banking and mobile wallet. This bank allows funds transfer through NEFT or RTGS. The bank offers Rupay debit cards and credit cards to the customers. NEFT/RTGS fund transfer can be done at all the bank branches. This bank pioneers in providing innovative and attractive services to the customers.

How to apply for cheque book offline?

  • To get the cheque book offline, you should be an account holder of the bank.
  • If you open an account in the bank, you have to contact the nearest branch of Vijaya bank in person.
  • You should get the application form and fill in the required details with correct information to submit it requesting for a cheque book.
  • If your application is approved and your details are verified, you can get your cheque book.

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How to request for your cheque book online?

  • To get Vijaya bank cheque book, you should open an account in the bank and should maintain minimum prescribed balance.
  • You can get two additional cheque books per annum without any charges.
  • To access internet banking option. Visit the website
  • Using mobile banking you can request for cheque book using vijaya bank mobile app .

Offline Method

  • You can use your application pass word from ATM centre or enter your mpin to request your cheque book online.
  • Through internet banking, you can go to services option, enter your account number and request for cheque book with required number of leaves and your cheque book will be dispatched within three working days.
  • You can make a request by calling customer care on toll free numbers 1800 425 5885/1800 425 9992/ 1800 425 4066
  • You should convey your details and your need for cheque book with customer care staff.
  • After validation of your request, you can get your confirmation and you can get your cheque book in 1-3 days.

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