How to Write an Application To the Bank Manager for ATM or Passbook

We often come across a situation where we need ATM Card or Passbook from the bank. Anyone can require new ATM or passbook due to multiple reasons. You might lose the ATM or Passbook, or the items may get expire. In both the cases, you have to request the concerned branch manager of your bank to get the new one. In order to do that, you have to write an application to the Bank Manager for requesting new ATM or Passbook. But the question is how would you do that?

Here is how you should write an application to Bank Manager for ATM or Passport.


You must mention the Bank Manager in the salutation part. Also, you have to name the Bank and the branch name in the same place along with the full address of the branch. The next is to write your details. The details must include your name and address.


The next part provides the Date of writing the application. Ensure to provide the date of writing the application and it should not be past dated.


This should be self-explanatory and should briefly explain the content of the application. So, if you are writing the application for the ATM then mention about the ATM. However, if it is for the Passbook, then mention the same.

Body of the Application

The body of the application must start with the greetings to the Bank Manager. In the next paragraph, you must briefly describe the reason for writing the application. Make sure to provide the account number of the bank and request to issue the ATM or Passbook whichever required.

Provide the reason for requesting new ATM or Passbook. Guide the Bank Manager that the proof of it has been enclosed along with the application. If you have lost the ATM or the Passbook, then do mention about the number of the FIR that you have filed with the local police station. It is also advised to mention that the copy of the FIR has been enclosed with the application.

If you are requesting for the ATM or Passbook for the first time, then mention the same and no proof is required in that case.

Finally, close the application by thanking the manager.


Close the application by mentioning your name.


All the details that have been discussed in the application must be true and correct. Any discrepancy in the application may cause the rejection of the application. All the proofs required for the application should be attached and enclosed with the application.

Here is a format of the application that can be sent to the Bank Manager for the issuance of ATM or Passbook.


The Bank Manager

XYZ Bank

ABC Branch

123 Road, MNP Area

XYZ City



234 Road, ABC Area

XYZ city

Date: 12/02/2018

Subject: ATM Card or Passbook (New / Reissue)

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you for the issuance of ATM card from your bank. I hold a Savings Account in your branch (Account Number: XXXXXXXXX) since 2015. I shall be pleased if you issue the ATM card against my Savings Account.

The Identity Proof and other proofs required for the process have been enclosed with the application.

Kindly, do the needful to issue the ATM card.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,


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