How to Write a Letter To Bank Manager for Address Change

At times, there are certain circumstances which let us change our residence such as new job in a new location or marriage or any other family situation. In such a case, there are certain obligations a person has to fulfill and the most important of them all is the address change in the records of banks. It is considered as very important to update your address information so that if in case there is a correspondence it could be done easily.

There are a few pointers that you must bear in mind while writing the letter to the bank manager for the change in your address. These are enumerated as under:

  • Ensure that the letter sounds formal.
  • The letter must have the relevant documents and details pertaining to the change in address
  • It should be crisp and brief and totally to the point. Nobody would have the time to go through the entire letter.
  • Check for punctuations and spelling errors.
  • Make sure the new and old address details are complete such as pin code and locality name etc.

You may use the below mentioned specimen for the same

Name in bank: ____________

New Address: _____________

Mobile number: ____________

E-mail Address: ____________

Date (of writing the letter): ___________

Name of the Branch Manager: ___________

Name of the Bank: _____________

Address of the bank: _____________

Dear Sir/Mam,

Subject – Regarding update of Address

It is to inform you that I have just relocated to ____________ (mention new City) from __________ (mention old city) due to _________ (Mention reason (Optional)).

I have a savings account in your branch with the following account number _______________.
Request you to kindly update this information in the bank records. The full details are as under:
Old Address:

(Mention Old Address)
(Old Contact Details)

New Address:
(Mention new Address)
(new Contact Details)

Should you have any query related to address, please reach out to me on the contact details as mentioned. I shall be residing at the new address as mentioned therefore kindly send all the bank correspondence on the address.

Thank you,
(Contact Details)

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