How to Get Bank of Baroda (BOB) Mini Statement on Mobile

Bank of Baroda is another state-owned bank in India and the headquarters of the bank is located in Vadodara. As per the information available, the bank was set up in the year 1909 and this year, the bank will complete 110 years of operation. In addition to this, the bank has over 5480 branches and over 10440 ATMs. Talking about the products, the bank deals in sort of products and the services range from retail banking to investment banking and wealth management.

Over the period of time, the bank has acquired almost 10 banks with mergers and acquisitions. It is also known that the bank has several branches outside India and the Bank of Baroda has a strong presence in almost 24 countries. With time, the bank has upgraded its IT infrastructure which helps in providing better services to its customer. Earlier, the customers had to visit the branch to get their passbook updated but then the bank entered an era when it was possible to check the accounts statement with help of ATM machine. Today, the technology has advanced further and it is possible to check the statement of your account on your mobile.

Here are some of the ways by which you can check the mini statement of your bank on your mobile.

1. SMS Banking

So to get the mini statement of your Bank of Baroda Account, all you have to do is that you have to send a message and it will be done. It should be noted that you must have subscribed to the SMS banking before you can actually use this facility to get your mini statement for your bank account. Here are the details of the SMS Keyword

Keyword to Activate SMS Banking

ACT<space><Last 4 Digit of Account>

This message needs to be sent on 8422009988 to activate your SMS Banking.

Keyword to get Mini Statement via SMS Banking

MINI<space><Last 4 Digit of Account>

This message needs to be sent on 8422009988 to get Mini Statement on your phone.

All these messages need to be sent via registered mobile number. If you do not have a mobile number registered with the bank then you would have to visit the bank and get the number registered.

2. Missed Called

It is also possible to check the mini statement on your mobile by giving a missed call from the registered mobile number. So to get the mini statement, simply give a missed call on 8468001111. The call will automatically be disconnected after a few rings and you will receive the mini statement on your phone via SMS.

3. Mobile App

The third alternate to check the balance on your mobile is with help of Bank of Baroda M-Connect plus Application. This application is available on Android as well as on Apple and you can easily install the application.

While using the application for the first time, you will have to register your account details on the app but later, the account can be accessed via application with help of a pin. Once you have initialized the app, simply enter the pin and click on the account number to get the details of your last 5 transactions on your mobile.

This is how you can check your mini statement and the best part is that you can do it anytime. It is also free to check the bank statement with these methods and these systems can also be used during the bank holidays and you will always get information in real time with help of these methods. Also

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