How to Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement on Mobile

HDFC is one of the top banks in India with attractive and exciting features and services. Credit cards, debit cards, loans, fixed deposits; mutual funds etc. are few of top services provided by this bank. You would have noticed that all these services involve the transaction of money from the bank and from the customers,this means the customers should keep a check on the transaction made and this can be done by acquiring a mini statement from the bank. In earlier days to acquire a mini statement or bank account statement, the account holder had only one choice, to visit the bank in person and place a request with the bank and get the bank account statement.

However, today, the things have changed; the HDFC provides options that enable the user to receive the mini statement on their mobile.

Two methods to acquire mini statement

  1. SMS method
  2. Miscall method

Pre- requisite

  • Registered mobile number
  • Valid SMS/call option

Step by step procedure to acquire mini statement on mobile through SMS and miscall method.

To use this method you will have to link the mobile number to your account. The mobile number can be linked to your account by visiting the bank and placing a request with the bank to register your mobile number with your account.

SMS method

To receive the mini statement on your mobile through SMS method text message “Txn” to 5676712 and you will receive the mini statement via SMS

Miscall method

To use this service, dial 18002703355 and you will receive the mini statement via SMS within a few minutes.

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