How to Get ICICI Bank Mini Statement on Mobile

The official banking sector in India marked its beginning in the 19th century and has been growing ever since. The wide availability of resources, the scope of development has been attracting many major international banks to open their branch in India. Today, the India citizens enjoy the freedom to select their banks from a diverse list of banks.

ICICI bank is one such bank that has maintained an excellent track record for the past few years. The bank is known to provide numerous services to millions of Indian customers. One of the best services provided by this bank is the debit card and credit card. However, both these cards have advantages and disadvantages. But, studies indicate that the number of credit card and debit card users in India is increasing tremendously. With such growth, the banks have introduced new services that allow a cardholder to keep track of their expenses and also monitor the transactions.

Today, a mini statement can be acquired in many ways,

  1. Through ATM
  2. Through Mobile
  3. SMS
  4. Missed call

In this article, I will explain the procedure to acquire mini statement on mobile. Like mentioned above, a mini statement on mobile can be acquired through two methods SMS and Missed call. However, as the name suggests the mini statement displays only a part of the transaction, most commonly the last 5 or 10 transactions and not the entire statement of transaction.

PS: mini statements cannot be used for any official purpose or as proof. A mini statement is a personal document and just displays the last 5 to 10 transactions for the cardholder’s reference only.


  • Step 1: Pick up your account registered mobile number and type ITRAN as a text message
  • Step 2: Send this message to 5676766 or to 921576766

Once the text message is sent successfully, the bank will send you the last 3 transactions on your account as an SMS message.

Missed call

  • Step 1: Pick up your account registered mobile number and dial 02230256767
  • Step 2: call this number and if the mobile number is registered with the account, the bank will send the last 3 transaction details to your mobile as SMS.

The user can also call the number 02230256868. Apart from these two methods, the mini statement can also be acquired from an ATM machine by simply swiping the card in an ATM machine and enter the pin number and the home screen will display the option to print the account mini statement.

The account statement can also be acquired by using the ICIC authorized Android or iOS apps. All you have to do is download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and then enter the internet banking details.

The app will now allow you access to your online banking profile, from this profile you can acquire the mini statement.

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