Baroda UP Gramin Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

The Baroda UP Gramin Bank provides the best services to their customers. The customers can open a savings account in the bank if they want to save their money for the future. The benefit of opening the savings account is that the customers will be able to get high interest on the money.

For opening the account in the bank, the customers can go to the bank branch with the required documents.

Minimum Balance Limit and non-maintenance charges

The minimum balance limit for the urban and semi-urban area people is Rs.5000. The people of rural areas will need to have an amount of Rs.2500 in their savings account. In the case of non-maintenance of the minimum balance in the savings account, the account holders will need to pay an amount of Rs.250. It is necessary that the customers make sure that the minimum balance is maintained in their accounts otherwise the accounts will be closed. The customers can go to the website for more details

After opening the savings account in this bank, the customers will be able to get the ATM card facility, mobile banking and the net banking facilities. With the help of net banking, the customers can manage their account easily. The account can be opened by the people who are above 18 years old. The savings account can be opened individually or you can choose to have the joint account along with your family members.

The trusts and organizations can also have their savings account and now you can choose to enjoy the services provided by the bank.

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