How to Block/Unblock Citibank India ATM/Debit Card ​

Citibank India is a division of the City group which handles consumer part of the financial services. Citibank was founded in 1812 which was later changed to First National City Bank of New York. There are around 2700 branches in 19 countries, including 723 branches in the United States and Mexico alone there are about 1,494 branches. The main headquarters of the Citibank is located in New York City.

Citibank is a financial institute, which offers services like Credit cards, Mortgages, Personal loans, Commercial loans, Lines of credit etc.

Steps to block Citibank India ATM Debit Card ​

Misplaced or stolen debit card are common problems customers of the bank faces. For example

  • Lost your Citibank Bank Debit / Credit Card.
  • Unauthorized transactions where card owner is not aware of.
  • Steps for blocking your Citibank India ATM Debit Card ​

The first thing to do when the card is stolen is to block it. Blocking the debit card makes sure that unauthorized people can’t misuse the card details and perform any transactions. So, there are certain steps to be followed to block the block. Such as

  1. If you suspect that your Debit Card is lost or stolen, please call Citibank Phone immediately. To prevent unauthorized use of your Debit Card, the bank will block your old Debit Card and issue a new Debit Card for your use.
  2. You can Contact the customer service support on 1800 425 2484 / 1800 267 2425 number to log a complaint or block your card.
  3. After logging the complaint to the customer support the card will be blocked and a new debit card is issued to you at no cost and provide you with emergency cash. It would take 2-3 business days to issue a new card.
  4. In case if you need ATM access immediately, visit a Citibank Financial Center. You’ll get an ATM-only card on the spot, and an ATM/Debit Card will be ordered for you.
  5. After blocking card in case if any unauthorized transactions take place, then bank officials will notify you via message or email.
  6. For further inquiry, you can approach the bank officials and discuss the issue.

Steps to unblock Citibank India ATM Debit Card ​

There might be some instance where card user wants to unblock the card. Such as

Misplaced card found.

  • If you enter the wrong information too many times when you’re setting up Online Access, your card will be blocked.
  • And some other valid reasons.

Then, in that case, please follow the below steps to unblock the Citibank debit card.

Contacting the Customer service support

The simple way to unblock the card is by calling the customer service support at 1-800-374-9700 and provide the details to the support center for verification of your account. And then if all the credentials are the perfect match, then the card will be unblocked.

Email the respective Head customer support officials

Another approach is to email the bank official at stating the reason for card block and request to unblock the card by providing them account details of the cardholder.

Visiting the Bank Personally

For further inquiry, you can visit your respective bank branch and meet the bank officials.

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  1. ref citicard sushila p nawalkha .CARD BLOCKED FOR KYC reasons.I have citibank acct ,based on which aforementioned card was issued. For the past several months you are insisting KYC. KYC were sent by email.THREE DAYS BEFORE YOU BLOCKED USE OF CARD,with no acknowledgement of my submissions. THIS APPEARS TOBE HARRAASSMENT TO USER.PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE SUSHILA P. NAWALKHA MEANWHILE UNBLOCK MY CARD

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