How to Block/Unblock YES Bank ATM Debit Card

Yes Bank is one of the largest private banks in the country and it was established in the year 2004 by Ashok Kapur and Rana Kapoor. It is the only bank in India which got the Greenfield Bank license by the RBI. It is categorized under full-service commercial bank covering corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking, corporate finance, financial markets and much more.

It is one of the fastest growing banks and believes in establishing high quality and customer-centric bank.

The main objective of the Yes Bank is to build the Yes Bank as the finest quality bank.

How to Block YES Bank ATM Debit Card?

This YES Bank ATM Debit Card is used in withdrawing money directly from ATM and it is also used for paying your payment via online mode as well as offline mode.

But, if you lost the YES Bank ATM Debit Card by chance then what you have to do in order to keep yourself from misusing it by someone else. In case of theft and lost case, one should immediately block this one. Firstly, the question is when you have to block your YES Bank ATM Debit Card. Then in the following conditions, you should block it:

  • If you have lost it
  • It gets stolen

If your, YES Bank ATM Debit Card is blocked, then an unauthorized person cannot use it any conditions.

You can block the YES Bank ATM Debit Card by following ways:

  • Visiting YES Bank Branch: One can visit the nearest branch of YES bank to block their YES Bank ATM Debit Card.
  • Email: One can also send an email to to block your debit card. When the action is performed, then you will get the reply for doing so and your card will be blocked instantly without any delay.
  • Customer care: To block the YES Bank ATM Card, individuals can call customer care which is 1800 2000 (Toll-Free) and +91 22 6121 9000 for blocking the debit card.

All these three methods are ease of use but calling customer care is the most convenient method for blocking the ATM cum debit card of YES Bank.

How to Unblock YES Bank ATM Debit Card?

When you find your YES Bank ATM Debit Card back like found your lost ATM card, then you can unblock it as you have blocked it earlier.

Like blocking the YES Bank ATM Debit Card, it is an easy process to unblock the YES Bank ATM Debit Card. But this may take 1-3 days for unblocking it.

Ways of unblocking the YES Bank ATM Debit Card

Individuals can call to customer care for blocking it and have to fulfill the formalities of identification in order to unblock the ATM cum debit card of YES Bank. In fact, sending email to official website will also help the individuals in unblocking YES Bank ATM Debit Card.

Approaching the nearest branch will also aid in unblocking the ATM Card.

One thought on “How to Block/Unblock YES Bank ATM Debit Card”

  1. I am trying to unblock my debit card from the past 15 -20 days I have gone to the yes bank which is in Paschim Vihar they are also not helping me this the worst thing from yes bank they are not even helping me when I need money from the card I have to use the cash book n it doesn’t save time.
    Guys if u want to be a good service provider then give your best but at least the person who has come to full fill his needs you do it properly because it’s my salary account and on an urgent basis if I need the money and if it Sunday then very do I will go tell me what kind of service you are going to give your customer.
    At the time of joining you are always there but when we actually need to unblock my card no one is helping neither bank or online or your helpline number.
    I m not happy about anything n it is not the worst service you are giving me.

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