How To Block/Unblock ICICI Bank ATM Debit Card ​

ICICI bank is one of the leading banking organisations in the country and they are known to offer lots of services for quick banking. In this Bank, the consumers will find the facilities of ATM card and debit card for balance enquiry, money withdrawal and online transactions. When you are getting services in ICICI bank, the issue will find it easy to keep your account protected and Secure in case of emergency.

If you are facing the situation of lost or stolen ATM or debit card in this Bank, you can make a request for hotlisting of your card in the following ways:

The online process for ATM card hotlisting

In ICICI bank, the consumers and account holders will get the facility of internet banking and you will be able to block the ATM card with internet banking account in such emergencies. Here is the complete process for it:

  • Visit the website link
  • Login to internet banking account with user id and password
  • Go to Services > ATM card
  • Select the ATM card number to make a request for hotlisting

The consumers of ICICI Bank can also use the mobile application if they are getting the services of mobile banking with the account in the bank.

Make the request with customer care services

When you are unable to access your internet banking account to make this request, you can also contact the customer care service providers in ICICI bank for ATM card hotlisting request. You just need to dial the toll-free helpline number +91 22-3366 7777 from your registered mobile number to make this request. They will require your personal and account related information to block your ATM card for protection of your account.

Offline process for ATM card hotlisting

If the consumer is unable to contact the customer care services, it is also possible to make the request with the offline process. You can visit the nearest branch of ICICI Bank to block your ATM card. You will need to submit the application form for hotlisting of your card at the bank branch and they will manually complete the process.

The consumers can use any of these methods to make the request for hotlisting of the card. If you have lost your ATM or debit card, it will be a very useful method to keep your account safe and protected from any kind of unauthorised access. If you want to unblock your ICICI debit card, you can contact the customer care service providers or you can visit the nearest branch for it.

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