How To Block/Unblock Karnataka Bank ATM Debit Card

Karnataka Bank has its headquarters at Mangalore. It is an A1+ class bank and may also be termed as a scheduled commercial bank.  The bank has a number of branches spread across India. The bank came into existence in the year 1924. The branches number about 783. There are about 1382 ATMs and a number of e- lobbies and mini e- lobbies that are located in about 22 states and 2 union territories.  The bank is also known for its green planet initiatives and has received an award for it.

The bank is known for its quality services and it has even got the ISO certification.

ATM card

The trusted Karnataka bank provides ATM  card to all its customers to ease operations and make the bank accessible to them all 24 hours of the day.  But since you generally store the ATM card in your wallet. In case, you lose your wallet or if it is stolen you will lose your ATM card as well. in such a circumstance you will want to prevent anyone from making any transactions using your ATM card.  For this, you will have to block your ATM card. There are 3 ways in which you can do this

Blocking the ATM card

If you wish to block any transaction from taking place using your ATM card that you have misplaced or lost can be blocked in the following ways

Blocking the card by calling the customer care

The customer care department at Karnataka bank is well-developed and they handle requests regarding the blocking of the ATM card deftly and promptly.

For this, you will have to call the Toll Free Number. The Toll-free number of Karnataka bank is 1800-425-1444/080-22021500. Once the card is blocked, any transactions cannot be done using your ATM card.

Blocking through Email

You can request the bank to block any transactions from happening using your ATM card by sending an email requesting the same to the following email address

 Email address:

Blocking by visiting the Branch

If you are not able to block your card by the above two methods, the next thing you should o is to visit the home branch. You can give them the reason and request them to block your card that has been lost or misplaced.

Unblocking the Debit card

You might be required to unblock the debit card if the bank has automatically blocked the card because you made three unsuccessful attempts at entering the right pin. In this case, the card will be unblocked in the midnight and you will be able to use the card by entering the right pin or you can even change your pin using the card. But, in case you want to unblock a card that you have blocked because it was misplaced or lost can only be done by visiting the branch. You will have to take the card that you have fond or the card that has been traced and retrieved for doing the same. Another alternative is to call the helpline and do as advised by them.

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