How to Block/Unblock South Indian Bank ATM Debit Card

South Indian bank is a private sector bank headquarters located in Kerala.The South Indian Bank has 839 branches spread across more than 27 states and 3 union territories in India. Basically, it founded by a group of investors in the year 1929 to help various merchants and traders in the Kerala to avoid using moneylenders to raise capital to fund their business requirements.

South Indian Bank (SIB) offers personal, corporate and banking services for domestic customers as well as NRIs. It has a strong presence in Kerala.

It has a customer service department, especially dedicated to help the customers.

Steps to Block South Indian bank ATM/Debit card

South India Bank has a separate wing of customer service department dedicated to help and resolve the queries of the customers. Customer may have a question on documentation required for a gold loan, or you might want to report a lost/stolen ATM card, or just check your account balance. Let’s see what are the steps to be followed to block the debit card if a customer loses it.

The first and the foremost thing to do when someone loses a debit card is to report it to the bank officials stating that the card has been lost and block the card right away.

To do this first visit the south Indian Bank website and look for the Contact Us option. In that go to the Grievance Registration where you can lodge a complaint about the stolen card.

The customer requires calling the south Indian Bank 24 hours customer care Toll-free number 0484 – 2388555. And provide the account and the card details to the customer support department. Then after verification of your account, the customer’s card gets blocked.

There might be a rare instance where the customer couldn’t contact the south Indian Bank customer support department then in that case you can contact the bank by going to the email at or

Steps to unblock south Indian bank ATM/Debit card

In case if a customer finds their misplaced debit card which they mistook it for stolen and blocked it wants to unblock it again then they are required to follow few steps.

The customer can approach the customer support department and explain why you want to unblock the card by providing the necessary details to them.

Then after these bank officials verify the information and unblock the card, then you will receive an SMS that your card has been unblocked.

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