How To Block/Unblock (SCB) Standard Chartered Bank India ATM Debit Card

Established in 1858, Standard Chartered Bank is one of the largest international banks in India, which currently has over 100 branches across 43 cities. The Bank’s major client segments include Corporate and Institutional Banking, Retail Banking and Private Banking.

Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited, Standard Chartered Investments and Loans (India) Limited, Standard Chartered Private Equity Advisory (India) Private Limited, SCOPE International and Standard Chartered Finance Limited are some of the subsidiaries of Standard Chartered Bank operating in India.

The bank offers a wide range of products and services to cater to the requirement of its individual and corporate customers. The bank remains committed to building its services further, so as to offer its customers with best possible banking experience.

Steps to block your Standard Chartered bank (SCB) ATM Debit card

Every customer of Standard Chartered is provided with an ATM-cum-Debit Card. In case, your standard Chartered ATM Debit Card is misplaced or lost, or, if you have revealed pin details by mistake, detailed below are the ways in which you can block your Standard Chartered debit card.

  • Contact Customer Care

Call the bank’s customer care toll-free number 1800 345 1000 immediately, from anywhere in India. Provide the necessary card details to the customer care executive over the phone. They will block your card immediately. In case, you are unable to get through the toll-free number, there are other local numbers provided for different states. Refer to the website for more details.

  • Write an email

The next option is to write an email to the address, requesting the authorities to block the card immediately. You will be notified about the confirmation of blocking the card, with a return mail.

  • Locating your nearest branch

A good option is to rush to your nearest Standard Chartered Bank branch, and report about the loss of card to the customer care executives there. You can speak to the executives and request them to block your card with immediate effect.

Steps to unblock your Standard Chartered bank ATM Debit card

In case, you just happened to locate your misplaced ATM Debit Card, but if you have already just got your card blocked, there are ways to unblock the debit card.

  • Contact Customer Care on phone

Contact the bank’s toll-free number 1800 345 1000 once again. They will ask you additional security check questions like asking your secret question or checking your ID and phone number, after which, they will unblock your card within a day or two.

  • Visit your nearest branch

Go to your nearest Standard Chartered Bank branch and speak to the customer executives in person. Follow their instructions, and they will do the needful.

  • Write an email

Write to the concerned authorities at, detailing the circumstances that led to the blocking of the card. Provide them the necessary details for unblocking the card. Request them to unblock the card and they will let you know when you can continue accessing your card.

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  1. I have misplaced my standard chattered debit card . could you please block the card with the account number having 42111175123. I dont remember the card number details

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