Canara Bank Cheque Book Request – How To Apply Online/Offline

Canara Bank is a public sector bank which was established in the year 1906. The bank is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Canara Bank currently operates 6639 branches and 10,600 ATMs all over the country. Account holders of Canara Bank can make their requests for new cheque book through both online as well as offline method.

Net banking method

Customers having internet banking accounts with Canara Bank can use this service for making cheque book requests. The various steps are as follows.

  • The customer needs to log in to the internet banking via official website account by typing the user ID and password.
  • The “Cheque Book Request” option needs to be clicked after logging in to the account.
  • The account type for which the cheque book is required needs to be selected.
  • Click on the “Cheque booklet size” option and select the size from the drop down list.
  • Click on the Request button.
  • Enter the transaction password twice.
  • Click on the Submit button.

On clicking the Submit button, various details such as request date, request confirmation number and account number are displayed on the screen. The cheque book is dispatched to the registered address of the customer.

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Bank branch method

Customers can also make their cheque book requests by visiting the Canara Bank branch. The various steps to follow have been listed here.

  • The customer must visit the home branch. Home branch is where he/she has the account.
  • Ask the account executive for a cheque book request form.
  • The account executive gives a cheque book request form which must be filled carefully.
  • Submit the completed form with the accounts executive.

The accounts executive would process and confirm the request. Thereafter, the cheque book would be dispatched to the customer’s registered address.

The cheque book is received within 1-3 weeks of making the request.

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