How to Change/Transfer Your SBI Account to Another SBI branch – Procedure?

Since the longest of the times, we have had a hard time managing bank account and particularly everything that comes with it. A bank account like a fortress securing all out money and thus, we want nothing bad to happen to it. But what brings me today here is how to change your bank account from one SBI branch to another one- hassle free. Yes you read that right because no bank but SBI offers you the best customer care experience with the help of their highly convenient online web portal. Just like most of its other services, the Branch Switch feature can also be found online and you can change your wherever you wish to.

No more standing in the long queues at the Bank Branch itself and coping with the tired employees who just want it all to come to an end. No more taking up the heat of these people and just do it yourself while sitting at home and sipping a cup of your favorite hot coffee.

Therefore, if you have recently changed your address and now you wish to get the Bank branch switched to nearest SBI branch around your new residence.

Follow the steps mentioned below and do not forget them. Note every single important detail, if not, you can potentially mess with your address and other minuscule information.

  • The first step is to know if you have activated internet banking or not? If not then get it activated soon so that you can leverage the unlimited benefits offered by the State Bank of India via their online web portal.
  • Once you have activated your internet banking feature of your bank account at the SBI, simply open the online web portal, which will redirect you to the homepage of SBI.
  • Now, look for an option stated- ‘e-services’.
  • This is the option where most of your day to day services have been listed under, such as the current one.
  • Now scroll down and look for an option which says, ‘Transfer of Savings Account’ which means the transfer of your savings SBI account from one branch to another.
  • As soon as you click it, all of your bank accounts will be displayed on the screen and you can choose the respective bank account that needs to be shifted from one branch to the other.
  • The next step is to enter the Branch Code of the new branch where you are going to get transferred. In case you don’t know about the branch code, you can Google it and know the code number of the branch.
  • The next step is named, Click on Branch Name button. After clicking on this button you will be enabled to locate the branch name where your savings account has been transferred to.
  • Upon seeing the new branch name, you can check the details entered and confirm them once again. If you are satisfied with all the entries, simply click on CONFIRM and your job is done right there.
  • Keep your registered mobile number around you because in order to submit your request you will have to enter the high-security password which is texted to you on your registered mobile number at the SBI.
  • Click submits and the details of your request can be seen on the next page. You should save these dates using the screenshot feature so that you can see the progress of your branch switching request using the reference number displayed on the screen.

How much time does it take to shift the savings account from one branch to another?

  • The State Bank of India is known for its quick, hassle-free and easy to operate services. The change of bank account from one branch to another is as easy as any other thing. If you follow the above mentioned guide properly you will not face any difficulty, whatsoever. Now, if you are concerned about the duration and how much time it usually takes to get your request accepted, then you will be left shaking. By using the SBI online web portal you can get your savings account switched within a week’s time.

Although, you can do the entire process by visiting your home branch, as well. But using the online web portal of the State Bank of India gives you an opportunity to avail its at-home customer service. Why go out and about when you can do the same in a quicker and hassle-free manner at home. The only reason to visit your bank branch should be if your request has not been processed within a week.

Enjoy the 24×7 State Bank of India’s services without a delay! State bank of India, a banking experience like no other.

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