How To Check BOB Credit Card Application Status Online

Bank of Baroda (BOB) is one of the top private sector banks that offers credit cards for cooperates and individuals both. BOB provides different various types of debit cards, credit cards and other financial assistance services. The bank cards are available in a variety of variants such as platinum, titanium, signature etc to fulfill the need of various people.

Steps to check Bank of Baroda credit card application status online

For checking your BOB credit card application status online first and foremost you should have internet access after which you can follow the below steps:

  • Open Bank of Baroda (BOB) website page specially designed for checking card status. The website page link is:
  • In the top upper left-hand corner, there would be a “customer corner”, click on it.
  • After you click the customer corner an option of “Track application status” would appear which you have to select.
  • After selecting you will be redirected to the “Track application status” page, here you have to fill in your application number, date of birth and verification code.
  • After you have filled in your details click on “Get details”, after which you will get to know the status of your application form for BOB credit card.

Meaning of various application status

  • In progress: If your application form shows “In progress” it means the bank has received your application and is review it for further process.
  • On hold: When your application has some missing documents the status show on hold. So that the bank can get in touch with you and ask for the required missing documents. After you provided them with the need document they will process your application for the credit card.
  • Approved: This status indicates that your application is successfully checked, verified and is in the further process of printing.
  • Dispatched: The status “dispatched” means your Bank of Baroda credit card is couriered to your given address. Mostly BOB dispatch credit card on speed couriers only. You can track your dispatched card status also. In the customer corner, you will also find the option of “track dispatch details” for which you need to fill the asked details.
  • Not eligible: If your application status shows “not eligible” it means your application is rejected because you don’t fall into the norms of the bank. In the case of rejection, you need to wait for another 6 to 7 months for reapplying for Bank of Baroda credit card. Don’t forget to ask customer care about the reason for application rejection. If will help you to be more cautious the next time you apply.
  • No records found: If after clicking “Get details” you see no records found it means you have entered wrong application number or it might also be that bank hasn’t yet received your application for the credit card. You can check your application status for a week and if it still stays the same then contact the customer care for further information.

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