How To Check HDFC Credit Card Application Status Online

HDFC can be considered both as a bank and a financing institution. This was the first bank that the RBI gave permission to in the private sector. The bank has its headquarters at Mumbai. But, it has a wide network of branches that are spread across the country.

It was started in August 1994.

Credit Card and why you may need one?

Credit cards 62 will give you some extra backing to handle funds and it will be very useful to make periodical regular payments that are quite similar such as telephone bill, electricity bill etc. you will be allotted a credit limit based on what the bank deems fit.

Applying for the credit card

If you actually meet the eligibility criteria set by the bank in terms of the salary or your credit score you may be offered a credit card. However, the process actually begins with the submission of a new application. You may do this online or offline. You will be receiving a message that you have applied for the credit card of the bank. It will contain a transaction ID.

 How to check the status of the application

The process of getting the card ready and sending it to you begins right after you apply for it. however when you will actually get it may vary depending on the place you are in as well as from one person to another. The easy way to know the status of your credit card is to check it up online. The Online portal that will provide you with the information  is

There are different methods to check the status of the card online. it includes

  • Using the credit card application reference and application Form number
  • Using your mobile number
  • Using your mobile number

Steps to check your credit card status using the application number

  • Visit track which is the official website of the bank
  • Choose the credit card option under the products tab
  • On the credit card page choose the Track your credit card Application status link.this will be usually under the head important links.once you click, you will be directed to a page where you will have to fill your personal details and the application reference number.
  • Click the submit button

Checking the Credit Card details using mobile number.-1

  • Visit the official website of the bank!
  • Fill in the mobile number
  • You will get an OTP
  • Enter the OTP and click on the submit button

Checking the status of your credit card through the airway bill number (mobile)-2

  • Visit (
  • Enter the bill number and submit

Checking offline

The other method is to check offline by visiting the branch with the details such as the date of application and the application registration number. You may also use the toll-free number which is 1800 266 4332 anytime on any day of the year including even Sundays and bank holidays.

After you do this you will receive the status of the card which could be In the process, disapproved, dispatched, on-hold or even records not found. You can initiate further action based on the status.

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