How To Check Citibank Credit Card Application Status Online

After years of being unsure about the tool’s financial viability, Indians finally started embracing credit cards as an alternative to cash.

Credit card users in India has hit an all-time high as indicated by a Reserve Bank of India survey which claimed that a record 29.8 million credit cards were issued by March 31, 2017.

The figure is higher than the last record created in 2008 when over 28 million credit cards were issued during the same period.

The trend has been bolstered by the government’s crackdown on black money with demonetization or the rapid surge in digital payments systems, use of plastic money and e-wallets.

To give due credit to these institutions, banks have contributed a lot to the trend. From easy terms of securing a credit card to incentives like cash backs and rewards, banks like Citibank have made it really easy for any account-holder to get a credit card.

About the bank

Part of the much larger parent company Citibank Group, Citibank India was established in Kolkata in 1902. The bank has over the year expanded across states and currently is one of the biggest investors in the country’s financial market. The financial major was one of the first banks to bet big on Indian software industry with its verticals, Citigroup Overseas Software Ltd (CGSL) and Iflex. While Iflex was later acquired by Oracle, CGSL was acquired by Tata Consultancy Services.

Types of credit card

Citibank offers its clients three different types of credit cards, depending on their varying needs. These are as follows:

  • Citi Premier Miles Card: This type of credit card is best suited for those who travel a lot. Benefits like complimentary travel and free miles on credit card transactions are just some of the exciting incentives.
  • Citi Rewards Card: If you love shopping, then this might be the perfect credit card for you. The card offers people rewards on shopping done from a huge list of apparel and departmental stores.
  • Citi Cash Back Credit Card: For those looking for exciting offers and cash backs on credit card transactions, Citibank has the perfect fit. With this card, one can earn 5% cashback on transactions so the more one spends, the more one saves.

How to track online

The bank allows its client to track their credit card application online. When one applied for a credit card, they have to fill an application form.

  • Within two days of submission of the application, an 11-digit application reference number is sent to the applicant’s registered mobile number.
  • Clients should note that it might take the bank up to 24 hours to update the status of the credit card application.

One can track the application in the following  two ways:

Via application number

An applicant first has to visit and enter the application reference number and the registered mobile number to find out about the status of their application.


In this method, one has to text the code CCSTAT <11 digit application reference number> to 52484 from his or her registered mobile number.

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