How to Check CBI Credit Card Application Status Online

Central Bank of India is a government-owned bank, which is the largest commercial bank in India. It is based in Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India and the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. The bank has 4730 branches, 5319 ATM‘s and 4 extension counters across 27 Indian states and three Union Territories. Central Bank of India is one of the 20 public sectors to get the recapitalization finance from the government. The Central Bank of India was established on 21 December 1911 by Sir Sorab ji Pochkhanawala with Sir Pherozeshah Mehta as Chairman and claims to have been the first commercial Indian bank completely owned and managed by Indians.

Central Bank of India offers a variety of credit cards to suit the needs of every customer. The bank offers different types of cards ranging from those that reward holders for shopping, spends, entertainment, dining as well as travel. The cards come with a variety of attractive features and offers, making them an ideal choice.

The Central Bank of India’s website has a comprehensive list of all credit cards offered by the bank, along with a detailed description of the features and benefits associated with each card.Customers can apply for a credit card on the bank website after looking through the various cards on offer and picking one that best suits their needs.

Steps to check CBI Credit Card Application Status Online

Customers from Central Bank of India can look up the status of their credit card online thanks to the user-friendly website

  1. First visit the CBI bank website
  2. Then visit the cards section where you can see the debit and credit card options. Select credit card option.
  3. There will be a tab called Track Your Credit Card Application Status. From that select track application option
  4. After that enter the credit card number along with the mobile number.
  5. Then click on track status.

For Offline Users

There is an alternate way to check the status of the CBI credit card for the offline users.

Central Bank of India offers its customers multiple avenues to check the status of their credit card application offline.

Customers can simply call on the following numbers which are not only toll-free but also accessible 24 x 7, making it easy to track the status of a credit card application. The customers can call 1800 22 1911 anytime from Monday to Sunday to receive an update on the current status of his/her credit card.

For credit card specific queries, the customer can Call Center Toll Free No. (24 Hours) on 1800 00 0368 or 02266387743 or 022663877737, upon which they will be updated on the status of their credit card application.

Calling on the numbers will provide the customer with real-time updates on the status of the application. The customer will be able to check the progress of the card application, such as if the initial processing has been completed and if the card has been dispatched.

In case of any queries about the credit card then can approach the bank on any working days and meet the bank officers.

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