How to Check RBL Credit Card Application Status Online?

RBL bank is one of the growing private sector banks in India. The bank is stretching around the country by offering distinct services to its customers. This bank offers customer banking, corporate banking, agree business banking, treasury and financial markets operations.

This bank serves around 4 millions of customers around the world. This bank is stretched around the country with 247 branches and 383 ATMS in 20 states and Union territories. This bank won popularity as the fastest growing small bank in India.

About credit cards

The bank is available through website to make credit cards easily available to the customers. Some of the popular credit cards offered by RBL card are Titanium Delight Card, Platinum Maxima Card and Platinum Delight Card. Check out the website for more details.

How to check credit card application status online?

The applicants of credit cards can check their application status by online or offline methods. You can check your application status by official website, toll free number or by customer care number.

Using internet or mobile will be easy for you to know your credit card application status. You need a unique identification number of your application and your registered mobile number to check your application status.

The applicant gets an application reference number or a unique identification number after applying for credit card online. You may receive this application reference number through email or sms if you apply for RBL credit card online.

If you apply for credit card offline, the agent gives you a confirmation slip that provides your application register number.

Once you have your application identification number, you can check your credit card application status by the following procedure

Find ‘Track your online application status’, which is located at the bottom of the page of the bank’s official website

  • Type your application reference number and mobile number in the allotted boxes and press submit
  • Your application status will be displayed on submitting your details.
  • In most cases the applicant may see in-progress, approved, dispatched, on-hold, rejected or no records found when you check for your application status in the website.
  • If the status in-progress is seen, it ‘in-progress’ indicates that the bank has received your credit card application and the review is under progress.
  • If your application meets all the norms of eligibility criteria it will be approved and the status ‘Approved’ will appear.
  • If your application is approved, then RBL makes your credit card ready and dispatches it to your correspondence address provided in the application. At this stage you will get a ‘Dispatched’ status when you request to track the application status on your website.
  • At every stage of the process, the bank will ideally send an SMS or email updating you with the status of your credit card application.
  • If your credit
  • In case if your credit card is dispatched, you will receive a message with the details of its shipment number and the expected date of delivery. The applicant should keep in mind that the credit card will be handed over only to the applicant only in case a valid identity proof is provided.
  • The ‘on-hold’ status of your application says that your request has been kept on hold as it lacks the necessary documents or when your document verification fails. In such case, wait till you receive further communication from the bank or contact the customer care, if it gets further delayed.
  • In case your application does not meet the eligibility criteria, your application may get rejected. In such cases, you may see the status ‘Rejected’. For further information, contact the bank.
  • If the status indicates ‘No records found’, the details you have entered might be incorrect or your details are not yet updated by the bank. Enter the correct details and try again by providing correct details.
  • You can contact RBL seeking for your credit card application status to

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