City Union Bank (CUB ) Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

If you want to earn interest on your money, then you can put your money securely in the general savings account of the City Union Bank. The bank provides facilities like CUB Net banking,  CUB mobile banking, cheque book with the international debit/ATM cards.

There are two types of savings account holders: one who has the debit card and another one who doesn’t have the debit card.

Account holder with a debit card

The customers who will have their account in the savings account of CUB should have a minimum average balance of Rs.1000 in their savings account with the Rs.45 of maintenance charges. The customers can know about the eligibility for opening this account by going to the website given below.

Account holder without a debit card

When the metro customer doesn’t have a debit card, then he should have Rs.3000 of minimum balance in the account with cheque book facility. Without any cheque book facility, the metro customers will have to have a balance of Rs.1000 in the bank account. The urban customers should have minimum average balance requirement of Rs.2500 with the cheque book facility and Rs. 750 without the cheque book facility. When the limit of minimum balance will not be maintained, the customers will have to pay certain amount of charges to the bank.

The Semi-urban customers will need to have an amount of Rs. 2000 with the cheque book facility in their bank savings account and an amount of Rs.500 without the cheque book facility. The rural customers will need to have a monthly minimum balance requirement of Rs.1000 with the chequebook facility and rs.100 without the cheque book facility.

The customers can visit the website for knowing about the eligibility and other service charges on the savings account.

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