Corporation Bank Online Complaint – How To Do?

The corporation bank was founded in the year 1906 on 12th March. The bank has well-functioning 2440 branches and 3040 ATMs in the country. The main headquarters of this bank is located in Mangalore, India. The bank provides different finance and insurance, mortgage loans, private banking, and credit card facilities to their customers. Even after a lot of attention of the bank employees on the functioning of the bank, some mistakes can’t be avoided. But the mistake can be solved if the customers would file a complaint on the bank’s website.

This is a modern digital age and it has become easy to file a complaint with the help of internet connection and a mobile phone or computer.

ATM-related queries

If you have got any queries or complaints regarding the ATMs of the bank, then you can go on the Here you can describe your problem in detail so that the bank authority can solve the problem.

Internet banking complaints

If you are using internet banking, then sometimes it is possible that you may get wrong information about the transactions and available balance in your account. At that time, you should do a complaint so that you won’t get any complaint in the future.

Shares and bonds complaints

If you have got any complaints regarding the shares and bonds, then also you can visit the same website.

Other general complaints

There are not a specific number of problems which customers can face while using the ATMs and other facilities provided by the bank. But it is true that problems do arise many times. So, you can choose to file the complaint on the website of the bank.

How much time will be taken to solve your problem?

If you will do a complaint in the bank branch, then it would take approximately one or two days but there won’t be any delay of more than seven days. When you would register the complaint online, it is possible that you will get a reply faster.

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