DCB Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

Anyone can open account in the Savings account of DCB Bank except a person who is less than 18 years old. The joint account can be created by the adults in the Savings account of the DCB Bank.

Now, know about the minimum average balance limit and the advantages of opening a savings account in the DCB bank.

Minimum Average Balance limit

The minimum average quarterly balance in the DCB for the savings account holder is of Rs.5000 for Tier 1 branches and for the Tier 2 branches, it is of Rs.2500. For taking the benefits of the facilities of the DCB Bank, you can open your account in this bank and then you can get these facilities from the Branches of the bank, personal internet banking, mobile and phone banking services. When the customers won’t have the decided minimum amount of balance in their account, then they will need to pay the penalty charges.

What are the advantages of opening account in this bank?


By opening the account in this bank, the customers will be able to keep their money safe and secure in their bank account. By getting high interest rates, the customers will be able to earn profits.

Ease in accessing the account

With the internet banking and mobile banking services, the customers can take the advantage of their savings account from the online platforms. You can go to the online website of this bank for knowing more details about the savings accounts and its eligibility https://www.dcbbank.com/.

Unlimited ATMs all over the country

The customers of this bank can use the ATMs which are located all over the country in different areas, cities and villages.

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