How to get a Karur Vysya Bank Home Loan?

Owning a home has its own comfort level. You are free to live in your own terms. Everyone dreams of having a house of their own. However, it is not so easy for a middle-class person to afford it. Karur Vysya Bank stands beside you in issuing a home loan when you need it the most.

Karur Vysya Bank offers two types of home loans. One is for NRI (Non-Resident Indians), and the other one is for Indian residents. The Karur Vysya Bank home loan is named happy home loan for Indians, while Karur Vysya bank Grahapravesh home loans are for the NRI.

Karur Vysya Bank has separate eligibility criteria for these two types of home loans separately. Let’s check out the same below:


  • The person should be an Indian resident or HUF with a proper residential proof to avail the loan
  • The person has to be 21 years old during the commencement of the loan application process
  • The person applying for the loan should have 0.65 fixed obligation to income ratio


  • The person has to be 23 years old during the commencement of the Karur Vysya Bank Home Loan
  • The person should have a valid Indian passport for NRIs and valid foreign passport for PIOs( Persons of Indian Origin)
  • The person should be employed at least 2 years abroad.


Having a good credit score is essential for loan sanctioning. The value of your credit score depends on your previous records. Your credit score is checked by making a detailed audit of your present income, present loans, and EMIs. Your past lenders, along with your credit card bill, get consideration. Better your credit score, the better is your chance to get your loan sanctioned. Karur Vysya bank demands a minimum of 650 credit score for allowing loans to any person.


It is the primary thing to do just after checking the eligibility conditions. If you fit in the eligibility criteria, you should take your first initiative through an application. Appealingly line your purposes to get your loan approved. The rest is the duty of the bank whether it wants to continue with the application or not. So, wait for the bank’s response. 


It is a procedure of every bank to verify the mentioned details in the form. As soon as your application is received by the bank officials, they will send bank personnel to your current residential address for verification. You will have to go through the process and respond accordingly. More than half of the whole procedure depends on this part. You need to cooperate with their functioning and prohibit any obstacle in their work.


After your application gets processed by the bank and all the investigations are done from their end, the bank will send you a letter by post to notify you that you are eligible for the loan, and very soon, your loan will be sanctioned.


Disbursement is the process of sanctioning your loan to you. In this digital era, it is not likely that you will be offered money in cash. So, keep your bank statements and checkbook ready for withdrawing the amount.

Karur Vysya bank interest rate is better than the rest of the banks out there. Their processing time is least as compared to other banks in the competition. So, if you are dreaming of a house and are impatient for it, you can try for Karur Vysya bank home loan. Moreover, to get a better idea of the repayment, try Karur Vysya bank interest rate calculator and you will get to know how actually it suits your pocket. 

Thus you need to be vigilant when it comes to getting a home loan from this bank to fulfill your desire to get your own home.

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