How to Get SBI Bank Mini Statement on Mobile

There was a time not so long ago when people had to visit a bank to check their account balance and to get their account statement. But, today, it is totally different with the introduction of ATM’s people can check their account balance and mini-statements from the ATM’s. Apart from visiting a bank in person or using the ATM machine things got a bit easier today with the introduction of mobile banking and internet banking services.

Today, an account holder has several ways to acquire their account mini statement. Here are the few ways of acquiring mini statement.

  1. Online method
  2. Offline method
  3. ATM machine
  4. Android/iOS apps
  5. SMS method
  6. Missed call banking

In this article I will provide you the information and procedure to follow to acquire mini statement through

  1. Apps
  2. SMS method
  3. Missed call banking method

These three are the simplest methods to acquire bank account mini statement and all these three methods are usually referred to as Mobile method.


  • Mobile number registered with the account number
  • Fast internet connection
  • Valid SMS/call option
  • If using apps – you need an internet banking/mobile banking enabled bank account

Step by step Procedure for acquiring mini statement with each method

Before using this app, you will have to activate your SBI QUICK, Send “REG<Space>Account Number” to 0922348888. Send the SMS from a registered mobile number. PS: a registered mobile number is the one that is linked to the bank account. To register mobile number visit the bank account branch and place your request with the staff. All the 3 below mentioned methods work only if this process is completed.

1. Apps

Step 1: Install an authorised SBI banking app or any authorised 3rd party SBI banking app. Click here to install YONO by SBI, click here to install SBI anywhere PERSONAL, click here to install SBI Buddy – PS: these are the three verified and most used authorised apps.

Step 2: Open the app now, the app will prompt you to sign in, if you already have an account and password sign in using those credentials or sign up for a new account and password and the same page on the app will have the option for sign up.

Step 3: Once signed in, the app will request you to enter the account number and the app will send you a “One Time Password” to your registered mobile number, enter this OTP and then verify.

Step 4: After completing the registration and linking process. On the home screen of the app, you will have options to check the bank balance and also to send the bank account mini statement to your email ID.

The above-mentioned steps are same for all the three apps mentioned. PS: before installing any other apps other than the ones mentioned above check the app authorisation and check with the bank customer care.

2. SMS method

Step 1: Type text message MSTMT

Step 2: send this message to number 09223866666

The bank will send the mini statement of the last 5 transactions on the account.

3. Missed call method

Give a missed call to the number 09223866666 from your registered number and the bank will send the mini statement to your mobile number.

These are the only three methods that can be used to acquire the mini statement of the bank account. All the details mentioned above were collected from several websites and are up-to-date.

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