HSBC India Mobile Banking – How to Activate?

HSBC Bank is one of the World’s largest banking and financial organizations with about 130 years of history. This bank undertook the Mercantile Bank, Mumbai. HSBC stands for Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation. The mission of this bank is to serve local customers with global standards.

HSBC bank has above 3900 branches all over the world. This bank stretched its network worldwide over 67 countries. This bank serves 38 million customers in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle and East Africa. This bank is connected to its customers by corporate banking, retail banking, wealth management, global banking and markets, and global private banking.

How to activate mobile banking?

  • To register for mobile banking HSBC bank India, you have to log in to the official website of the bank…banking/mobile…/register-for-mobile-banking.
  • You can click on register for mobile banking option in the official website of the bank from the ‘mobile banking and alerts section’.
  • You can register for text banking from the above-given link to get message alerts about your banking transactions.

How to download mobile banking application from your mobile phone?

  • Using the above link you can directly register for mobile banking of HSBC bank.
  •… This link helps you to directly download the HSBC mobile banking application into your android supportive phone.
  • You can access the mobile banking facility using your registered mobile number by typing the country code and 10-digit mobile number.
  • You should keep your registered mobile number, ATM card number and CVV number to finish the registration process and access the mobile banking facility.
  • Mobile banking facility can be accessed by Windows or Android or IOS users

How to start up with mobile banking?

  • If you are new to mobile banking, click on “online banking” in the official portal of the bank and click on “new user”.
  • Click on “not registered” and follow the instructions that appear on the screen of your computer or mobile phone.
  • Then you will get an OTP or digital security key and you can access that key or startup with mobile banking.
  • If you are an existing user you can access mobile banking facility using login information
  • If you have any queries you can contact the number 1800 266 3456 toll-free any time or login to the official website of the bank

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