Indian Bank Online Complaint – How To Do?

The Indian Bank was founded on 15th August in the year 1907. There are 2682 branches which are spread across the bank. The main headquarters of this bank is located in Chennai, India. The bank has made available various services for the customers like providing the missed call service for checking the balance in the account or filing a complaint via an online website. This is the time of internet and people are using it to get various services.

People are becoming busy day to day and that’s why they may not get time to file the complaints or ask about their queries from the bank branch. That’s why the bank has made a convenient service available for the customers. Whenever a customer gets any complaint regarding the services of the bank, then he/she can file the complaint on the online website of the bank.

Credit card complaints

One can file the credit card complaints if he/she thinks that the card is used by someone else and the money is getting deducted from the account. One may face various problems while making transactions with the credit card, then at that time, one can only file the complaint so that the bank authorities can take the appropriate action in this regard.

ATM withdrawal failure complaints

When someone visits the ATM, he/she may find that the ATM is not working properly or the cash withdrawal slip comes out of the machine without any cash. One can bear the loss of money and that’s why the bank has made the ATM failure complaints available for the customers.

Online customer complaint form

The customers of the bank can file the complaint on the online website by providing correct details. It is important to add the correct details otherwise the bank authorities won’t be able to solve the problems of the customers.

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