Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) Online Complaint – How To Do?

This bank was founded in the year 1937 on 10th February. This is one of the major public sector banks of India of which headquarters is located in Chennai, India. There are 1150 branches of this bank in Tamil Nadu and total 3400 branches in the country. The Indian Overseas Bank has also managed to spread its offices in foreign countries. The bank provides new facilities to its customers regularly. It ensures that the customers remain tension-free of their finances after opening an account in this bank.

How Can You File The Indian Overseas Bank Online Complaint?

For filing the complaint, you will need to go to the site After going to the website, you will be able to see an option of queries and complaints. After selecting the option, the customer will be able to get different complaints methods. You will need to select the complaint which you want to file for getting the solution to your problem soon.

What Are The Benefits Of Filing The Online Complaint?

It is true that one can file the complaint by going to the bank branch but when you will file the complaint with an online website, it is much convenient. When you would visit the bank, it is possible that you may find a lot of crowd in the bank. If you don’t like going to the crowded place for filing the complaint, then the online method is just made available for you.

This is an easy method to file the complaint because you will get the form easily on the website which is not possible in case of the bank branch. It may take time for the bank employees to provide you the complaint form and make you understand the whole method of complaint. This method won’t cost you a single penny and that is the reason it is preferred by a lot of people.

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