Jammu and Kashmir Grameen Bank Balance Enquiry Check by SMS & Missed Call Number

As the technology is getting advanced, the life of people is becoming easier day-by-day. There was a time when the consumers needed to visit banks and ATM branches to get short information about account balance. Now you do not need to waste your time and efforts to visit the bank branch for such information.

Banking organisations are providing a complete range of services for such facilities. You just need to use the facilities of mobile banking and internet banking to find such short information about your account balance.

If you are getting the products and services at J&K Grameen Bank, they will provide good facilities to get instant information on your account balance. As an account holder, you just need to use your registered mobile number to get such information. With your registered mobile number, you will dial toll free number 0191 24490021. When you will dial this number, the call will be disconnected automatically and you will receive the text message with information on your account balance in Jammu and Kashmir Grameen Bank.

If you want to use SMS services to get such information about your account balance, you can send the SMS with keyword BAL<Account Number> to the same number. These services are completely toll-free and available for every account holder in Jammu and Kashmir Grameen Bank. It is the fastest and easiest way to get help on balance enquiry in this Bank. You just need to register your mobile number to get this facility.

For more information about J&K Grameen Bank services visit https://www.jkgb.in/

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