Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) Cheque Book Request – How To Apply Online/Offline   

As mobile banking and internet banking become more popular methods of disbursing payments, some would say that cheque are a thing of past. However, the truth couldn’t be any more different. Cheque payments are important financial instruments that are as in vogue as ever, given their reliability. What helps them in staying as preferred as they are premium cheque-clearing facilities offered by banks.

Aiming to provide its clients a one-stop solution for all their banking problems, the Karur Vysya Bank allows them to request a new cheque book without much stress.

How to apply for a cheque book offline

Phone banking

  • All bank account holders of Karur Vysya Bank are given a cheque book when their account is opened.  If one runs out of cheque, they can request a new one either by calling up the customer care or by visiting their home branch.
  • If one opts for Phone banking, once should call up the customer care at the toll-free helpline number 1860 200 1916.
  • The company executive would explain the details about the process, following which the  request would be forwarded to the home branch for being processed.

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Visiting the bank

  • There’s always the option available to visit the bank. All one needs to do is to fill a form to request a new cheque book. For any queries, the bank staff is always ready to help a client out.

How to request a cheque book online

Internet banking

  • The Karur Vysya Bank allows its clients to request a new cheque book either through net banking or via mobile banking.
  • However, one  needs to be a registered user of the bank’s mobile and net banking services to order a cheque book online.
  • Registered users can log in with their password and username on the bank’s website http://www.kvb.co.in/personal/internet_banking.html . The user-friendly interface will guide clients to the right option to get a new cheque book.

Mobile Banking

  • To use this option, one would have to download the bank’s app. The next step would be to log in using you username and MMID pin.
  • To request a new cheque book, just scan the various options from the drop down menu to request a new cheque book.

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