Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMB) Cheque Book Request – How To Apply Online/Offline

As the nation moves to a more formal economic model, as required a fast globalizing world, easy transfer of funds is an important prerequisite for the plan to fully work. As the world catches on to mobile and internet banking, cheque still are in vogue, all thanks to their simplicity and reliability.

There are banks like Kotak Mahindra, which have managed to keep their customers happy with their cheque-servicing facilities.

How to request a new cheque book offline

Phone banking

  • All account holders of the bank get a cheque book when they open the account. If one runs out of cheque, the bank provides one a new cheque book at an extra charge.
  • Account holders can get a new cheque book either by phone banking or by paying a visit to the bank where they have their account.
  • For ordering a cheque book via phone banking, one can all up the bank’s Helpline 1860 266 2666. The caller will be connected to a phone banking executive, after which they could register a request for a new cheque book.

Pay a visit to the bank

  • If phone banking is not your cup of tea, one can always pay a visit to their home branch for a new cheque book. As per the rules, banks need the client to fill a form and their request is soon serviced.

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How to request a new cheque book online

Internet banking

  • The bank allows its customers to get a new cheque book mobile banking and internet banking as well.

To get a new cheque book online, one has to log in through a username and a password on the bank’s website https://www.kotak.com/en/digital-banking/ways-to-bank/net-banking.html

Mobile banking

  • The second option available to people to request a new cheque book is via mobile banking. For this, one needs to be a registered user of Kotak Mahindra’s  mobile banking services. Registered users can download the app and request a new cheque book to be delivered at their address.

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