How to Write a letter to Bank Manager for Correction of Name Spelling

We all know how important our name is. It is the first identification of any individual. But at times, due to errors or carelessness the names get altered or modified in the records. Sometimes, these silly mistakes could cost us a fortune, therefore, it is better to have the name rectified and also have the same name in all the government and non-government related records.

In case your name is Shivam kumar Chauhan, it should be the same in Voter ID card, Aadhaar Card, Bank Accounts, Pan Card, Passport, Driving license. But in case if the name is different, you need to have the same modified in order to save yourself from any issue you might happen to face later.

You can write the following letter to the bank manager in case you want to have the name or spelling of your name corrected in the bank records:


The Branch Manager

Name of the Bank

Address of the branch

Pin Code.

Subject –Regarding correction of name in the bank records.

Dear Sir/madam,

This is to bring to your notice that my name in your bank records is incorrect and needs to be changed. My account number is ______________ and the correct name is “Shivam Kumar Chauhan” whereas in the bank records it is mentioned as “Shivam Kumar”.

Attached is the supporting document that you would require in order to change the name in bank records:

(You may attach PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, DL etc.).

Request you to kindly do the needful and in case you have any query, please reach out to me on the contact details as mentioned underneath.

Thanks and Regards

Shivam Kumar Chauhan

Mobile number – __________

Date –(Of writing the letter)

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