How To Write a Request Letter For a Bank Statement To Manager

A bank statement is often required for various purposes. It may be required for obtaining some financial requirements. One may need it to retrospect the banking transactions of even for financial calculations. It is true that the soft copies of the bank statements are now available in many banks. However, it is not always possible to obtain the soft copy of the bank statements everywhere in the country. Moreover, sometimes, a hard copy is required for the bank statements. In such situations, a letter has to be written requesting the bank manager to provide the bank statement.

The request letter for a bank statement must be written with apt requirements and adequate information. Here is how you can write the request letter.


Address the letter to the Bank Manager for the bank statement. You must write the post i.e. Bank Manager along with the name of the bank, the name of the branch and the full address of the branch as well. The letter should be followed by the address and the name of the sender. This would obviously contain the name and the address of the account holder.


The date section should contain the date of writing the letter.


The subject of the letter should explain the matter of the letter in short. The prime motive of the subject is to let the Bank Manager know what lies in the content of the letter. For example, when you need the bank statement, and then write the need for the bank statement along with the duration for which you require.


This is obviously the major part of the letter which starts with the greetings and then followed with the content of the letter. The content should specifically mention the need for the bank statement and of course the account number. Do not forget to mention the duration for which the bank statement is required. If you want the bank statement for the last financial year, then do ask for it. However, if you have a special and custom requirement, you can mention that as well.

Thank the manager for the cooperation before heading towards the closure of the letter.


The closure of the letter should end with your name.


The letter must address the need for the statement, specify the requirement and of course provide the input for the same. All the required formalities like identity proof and others as asked by the bank must be enclosed with the letter.

Bank Statement Request Letter

Here is the format of the letter requesting bank statement


The Bank Manager

XYZ Bank

ABC Branch

123 Road, MNP Area

XYZ City



234 Road, ABC Area

XYZ city

Date: 13/02/2019

Subject: Request for Bank Statement for 2018-2019 Financial Year

Respect Sir,

My name is ABC and I hold a Savings Account in your bank since 2011. I have applied for a Housing Loan from a reputed Financial Institution and for which I have to produce the Bank Statement for the last financial year. I will be grateful if you provide me the bank statement from April 2018 to March 2019.

All the necessary details have been enclosed with the letter.

Name: ABC

Account: XXXXXXX

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,


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