Meghalaya Rural Bank Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

The bank was established in 1981 with the main purpose to provide all the banking facilities and services to the people living in rural area.

The general purpose is to enable the people to fufill the needs related to marriage, family function, travel, medical expenses and many more. Providing them with a loan at bearable and lowest interest rate as well as making them efficient and aware of the banking system and services they can avail.

If you are a new user and want to get connected with mobile banking of Meghalaya rural bank then you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Register your mobile number with the nearest Meghalaya Rural Bank branch:

  • Find any nearest Meghalaya Rural bank branch for liking your mobile number.
  • They will all do your KYC verification for activation of mobile banking services on your phone.

Step 2: After successful mobile registration download Meghalaya Rural Bank mobile banking app from Google play store:

  • For using all the mobile banking services and facilities of Meghalaya Rural bank first download the APP from the Google play store.
  • Open Google play store and type in search box MRB Mobile Banking.
  • Link:
  • After the successful installation opens the app.
  • You then have to click on “New Registration” followed by the further asked customer details.
  • After filling up your customer details it will ask you to create a 4 digit mobile PIN for login on the APP (MPIN) and Transaction PIN for authorizing financial transactions (TPIN) after which click on “register”.
  • After clicking “register” you will become a successful Meghalaya Rural Mobile banking user.
  • After following the above steps you can easily login to your Meghalaya Rural Bank App via. using 4 digit mobile PIN for login on the APP (MPIN).

While using the mobile banking APP never forget to keep your account safe and secure regularly or at equal intervals change the 4 digits mobile PIN for login on the APP (MPIN). This will keep your account details from leaking to other people and will keep it safe.

For smooth functioning and running of the Meghalaya Rural Bank, App keeps it updates with regular google play update related to this app. App updates bring new facilities of banking services for their customers as well as ensure the security of information of users.

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