Mizoram Rural Bank Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

Mizoram Rural Bank offers its own mobile banking application for ease of banking transactions for its customers. Through mobile banking service of the bank, you can gain access to the complete range of facilities that you otherwise access through internet banking service. Among the facilities available through mobile app would be banking transactions, account details, fund transfer within bank and to third party, NEFT, RTGA IMPS, merchant payments, cheque operations and many more.

To register for the mobile banking service of the bank, you have to first register your mobile number and email id with the bank branch where you hold an account.

To register/activate Mizoram Rural Bank mobile banking

  1. Visit the bank website and click on the link mobile banking. You will be directed to this link https://www.mizoramruralbank.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=24&Itemid=123.
  2. Click on Application form and download the application form from the link https://www.mizoramruralbank.com/jdownloads/Applicationform.pdf.
  3. Fill in the form and submit it to the branch where you hold an account.
  4. Once your mobile banking application has been accepted, you will receive your user id and password.
  5. The same user id and password can be used for internet and mobile banking services.
  6. Visit google play store and download the app Mizo bank Mobile Banking, and install the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lcode.mizoramrb&hl=en on your registered mobile.
  7. Open the app and click on new user registration. Feed in your registered mobile number, followed by account number to proceed.
  8. Now, you can follow the instructions and create your own four digit MPIN and TPIN to activate mobile banking in your mobile app.

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