Purvanchal Bank Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

Purvanchal bank is a rural regional bank that is committed to the development of the entire region with its banking facilities and services. The high commitment of the bank has made it one of the finest bank in the region. Coming out with various banking services such as ATM’s, Rupay card and mobile banking facility, it provides ease and convenience to the consumer. The focus is the bank is the economic development of the rural and urban areas and providing them top- notch banking facilities. The bank has got its branches in some ten districts of that region and keeps on improving the facilities.

Purvanchal Bank Mobile Banking Application

The bank being a rural regional bank expanded its services and adopted the technology, to improve its banking services. The mobile application of the bank helps the customers to carry on with their financial transactions round the clock. The consumers of the bank have to register to the mobile banking application and then only they can go ahead with the usage of application.

The financial services that are available using the mobile banking application is transaction of money monitor the money in the account check the bank statement etc. The registration is mandatory and the form is available online on its official website http://purvanchalbank.com.

Purvanchal Bank Mobile Banking – How To Register and Activate?

The mobile banking application is available on the google play store for the android users https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lcode.pugb&hl=en and on the app store for the apple users. The mobile application can only be accessed if the user has registered at the bank and is using the registered mobile number. In order to go ahead with the usage of the mobile banking application, following steps are to be followed:

Once the mobile banking application is downloaded from the play store, the user should choose the option of new registration on the application.

The registered mobile number is to be entered then on the mobile banking application and an OTP will be provided to the consumer through SMS.

The user will then get the log in credentials which are the M-pin or the T-pin and then using that pin the user can access the mobile application.

This is a one-time process and later on the user can use the application by entering the credentials and then go ahead with the transactions.

It is always advised to change the pin from time to time for the security of the account and not to give out your credentials and pin to any third party.

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