SBI EMS Login – State Bank of India Enterprise Messaging System Portal

The SBI EMS login service is designed for the use of employee under the State bank of India. Most of the people outside the State Bank of India would not be familiar with this service, as this service is designed for the bank employees and workers only.

EMS stands for Enterprise Messaging Service, which is an email address assigned to every State Bank employee. One of the things you should know about this service is that not all employees could simply access this service or portal, those employees who demand to make use of this service need to contact the EMS Local Head or the Administrative officer of the bank and has to submit a request for accessing the portal.

Allowing a State Bank employee the access to this service is subject to acceptance.

Things to know before using the service

#1. The access to the EMS portal is not granted to all employees by default, those who wish to use the service should submit the request for activation of the EMS account to the applicants bank IT department, EMS chief, or the administrator.

#2. Once, the request for activation of EMS account is placed and if the bank approves your request, the account would be activated within 24-hours from approval time

#3. Upon activation, a username and password would be shared with the applicant. The password would be an OTP and the user would have to change the password after the first login.

#4. The OTP provided to you would be active only for 90-days from its issuing. One of the important things about the password is that to maintain security and privacy, the bank and the portal have been designed in such a way that passwords would expire within 90-days. To be simple, the user will have to change his/her passwords in every 90-days cycle.

#5. If the user forgets the password, he/she will have to contact the EMS helpline and acquire the passwords after submitting the credentials for verification.

#6. If the user enters, the wrong password for more than 5 times, the EMS account would stay disabled for half an hour, which means the user could try logging in only after the half an hour.

#7. Unlike any other website or portal, if you try logging into your account after altering the DNS to configure the proxy settings, the portal would not be available for your use.

#8. Never share the EMS account username and password with anyone, not even with the concerned staff once the new password is set after the first log in.

Here is how to login to your SMI EMS account

Step 1: Open your web browser and navigate to the SBI EMS portal website or click here instead to go directly to the page

Step 2: Enter the username and passwords as provided by the concerned bank authority.

Step 3: if this were your first login, then the page would prompt you to set a new password. Enter the passwords and verify the password.

Step 4: Once, you are done with setting up the new passwords, the page will redirect you to the EMS portal and your EMS account dashboard.

Now, you could start using your EMS account and the services that come with it.

If you have any issue logging into your EMS account, then you could get help from and through

SBI EMS IP voice call number – 100123, 100123, 100127, and 100124

SBI EMS Email –

EMS Helpline Number – 022 – 2756679


As I have mentioned above, it is not possible to simply log in to your account if do not possess an account in the EMS portal. Follow the instructions mentioned above to get yourselves the EMS account access.

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