10 Helpful Tips to Use Internet Banking Safely

Technology has changed the way we used to carry out banking transactions. From ordering Cheque books to sending money instantly, all is possible with help of internet banking. You can make investments online and you can virtually apply or avail any service. This is how internet banking has impacted our lives. We all have login credentials for internet banking and today, we do not have to visit the bank as frequently as our parents used to visit.

Is Internet Banking Safe Or Not?

The problem is that with the bank customers, the hackers and fraudsters have also found a place in Internet Banking. This is because the hackers get a soft target easily and the person can then be conned if he is not careful with his details. However, with a little alertness and care, you can ensure that you are never apart any such bank fraud. 

Therefore the answer is YES, It is safe but ensure that you stay safe while making transactions. So, let us now look at these tips and if you do not already have internet banking activated then go ahead and activate your internet banking. In this article, we have listed some of the helpful tips to use internet banking safely.

10 Tips for Safe Internet Banking You Must Know

  • Public Computer and Wi-Fi – A lot of people use public computers and Wi-Fi networks to access internet banking and remember that this is a complete No. If you need to access your account at Starbucks while sipping your coffee then use your own device and your own data network.
  • HTTPS – When you visit the bank’s website, ensure that you have visited the HTTPS domain. This is quite important as HTTPS are the security domains which encrypt the data before sending it to the server or the cloud. Do not use internet banking if your bank has an HTTP domain.
  • Save Passwords – Another tip is that you must never save your passwords on any device. It is always better to memorize the passwords and also have strong passwords. Do not keep something obvious as your password. Do not share these details with anyone and also log out your account after you have used internet banking.
  • Don’t Share Details Online – If you have received a mail that you are a lucky winner of a million dollars then you can probably ignore that email. These are the ways to con you by getting your internet banking details. You need to ensure that you never enter your internet banking password or ID at a third party website.
  • Create a Strong Password & Opt for 2 Factor Authentication – You can even enable a 2-factor authentication for your bank account. What happens here is that you get an OTP while you log in as this ensures that even if someone gets your password, they won’t be able to login to the account because of this 2-factor authentication.
  • Ensure your System is free from Malware – An easy way to track your activities is to install malware on your system that steals your data. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you can install reliable anti-virus software on your system and it will surely keep you safe.
  • Updated Operating System – Microsoft, Apple, and Other OS providers release patches from time to time and the basic idea behind these patches is to ensure that your system is updated with the new codes. Most of these patches also have security patching to enhance the privacy and security of your system. Always install these patches.
  • Virtual Keyboards – There is a possibility that someone has installed a key logger on the system. A key logger would track all the inputs on the system and to avoid being tracked, you can also use virtual keyboards to enter the details. This will ensure that your password is not stolen.
  • Check the Website – The first thing that you must do after visiting the website of the bank is to notice and observe things. You need to notice the look and feel of the website and if something feels off then do not access the internet banking and check the URL once again. Fraudsters can easily create a look-alike website of the bank which can be used to con the people.
  • Customer Care Number – Lastly, keep the customer care number handy as they can block your internet banking in case of any issues. In addition to this, you need to report any fraudulent activity on your account to the customer service as soon as possible.

These were some of the helpful tips that you need to follow to ensure that you use internet banking safely. We would recommend you to get in touch with the bank if you have any doubt about the internet banking facility or about anything else related to internet banking. Remember that staying vigilant is the best precaution that you can take. 

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