Union Bank Of India (UBI) Credit Card Bill Payment – How To Do Online/Offline

The credit card facilities are available in most of the banking organisations for the account holders and Consumers. By using these facilities, the consumers can easily make online payments without having cash or amount in the bank account. With your account in Union Bank of India, you will be able to get the facility of credit card easily. Now you will be able to avail various banking benefits and advantages with Union Bank of India credit cards.

When you are using these credit card services in Union Bank of India, you should know about the method to make payments for your credit card bill. In this Bank, you will find online as well as offline facilities to make the payments for credit cards.

Here is the complete process to make these bill payments for your credit cards:

  • Use online services for credit card payment

In this Bank, the consumers will find the facility of internet banking and you can use this online service to make the payments for your credit cards. If you want to use online facilities for credit card payments in Union Bank of India, you can directly visit the website link https://eremit.unionbankofindia.co.in/creditcard/ for it.

You will need to log in to your account of internet banking for this online process of credit card payments.

  • Offline process for credit card payments

If you are not using the facility of internet banking with your account in this Bank, you will be able to make credit card payments with offline method also. You can visit the nearest branch of Union Bank of India and can make the payments by cash or cheque easily. You will get detailed information about this process on the bank branch easily.

  • Avail auto pay facility

When you do not want to forget to make credit card bill payments or late bill payments, you can avail the facility of in this Bank. You just need to visit the nearest branch of Union Bank and you can apply for the auto pay facility for your credit cards.

  • Payment with other bank accounts

If you do not want to use Union bank accounts to make credit card payments, you will find the option of NEFT and RTGS payments for your Union Bank credit cards. You can easily make payments from the account of any other bank with these options.

Therefore, you can use any of these payment options when you want to pay the bill of your credit card in Union Bank of India.

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